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Coochycoo Ltd was founded in 2008 by two mums to fill a gap in the market for more neutral, minimalist basics in premium materials at affordable prices. Recently relocated to Auckland, New Zealand. Magnus (5 years old) and Otti (4 years, going on 28) oversee our range.

Coochycoo is all about comfortable, functional and affordable Merino clothing that kids' like to wear. Clothes that stand the test of time and don't fall to pieces after a few washes, clothes that allow children to be children, clothes which parents can feel good about buying.

Each piece of Coochycoo clothing is made from 100% New Zealand Merino and made right here in New Zealand. So this means when we say it is 100% Merino it is. When we say it is 100% made in New Zealand it is. 

And, because we understand it can be expensive to clothe our precious little ones in premium materials, we purposely keep our overheads to a minimum so we can share these benefits with you and your children. And be part of the solution of keeping Kiwis in jobs and ensuring the future caretakers and leaders, our children, of Aotearoa are surrounded in the best that is available, Merino.

For in-depth information and data on the amazing benefits of 100% Merino wool visit our "Why Merino?" page.

Supporting Charity

We regularly donate baby (tiny kids) Merino clothing to an Auckland branch of Oranga Tamariki (Ministry for Vulnerable Children) because everyone deserves the right to feel warm and safe. 

We also support EarlyBuds - a charity that provides support to parents of premature babies. We donate premature-sized merino beanies every year to go in their prem packs, freely given to parents with premature babies in New Zealand hospitals. 

Here’s to a happy, warm and blessed life

Yvonne xx




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