Why Merino?

Why do we love merino for our babies and children?

The same qualities that make it perfectly designed by nature for lambs and sheep make it perfect for babies through to adults.

The Merino is a breed of sheep famous for its fine, soft wool and its truly unique ability to thrive in New Zealand's South Island high country, a land renown for its extreme weather conditions: hot, dry summers with little rainfall then snow and severe frosts in winter.

Merino is Super Comfortable, soft and stretchy!

Merino wool is super soft and comfortable for sensitive young skin. Its finer fibres feel softer against the skin as they bend and flex more than coarser ones. Most NZ merino is less than 19 microns which gives NZ Merino that famous softness against babies sensitive skin. Merino fibres are also naturally elastic, making them a comfortable choice for the more wiggly kids!


Merino wool absorbs more moisture than other fibres before it feels damp – up to 1/3 of its weight. Great to know that your little ones will feel comfortable even when the inevitable spill or leak occurs!


What? To put it simply, the unique properties of merino fibre helps to keep you cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather – perfect for babies who aren't born with good internal temperature regulation of their own.

Merino is Super Safe!


Like all wool, merino is naturally fire retardant, won't melt and stick to skin like synthetic fibres do, and will self extinguish once the source of the flame is removed. This makes it a safe choice for sleepwear and day wear for kids of all ages!


We all worry about the damaging effect of the sun on our skin, especially here in New Zealand, right? Wool fibres, unlike cotton and many synthetic fibres, are naturally UV protecting to a very high level (most wools are UPF 50+). 


Merino is hypo-allergenic. Most 'wool allergies' are either to the lanolin in the wool (removed during the washing and dyeing process) or to the scratchiness of coarser types of wool (not an issue for our soft merino!). Merino fibre is also anti-static, so it is less likely to attract and trap other allergens compared to synthetic fibres. Because of the breathability of merino, it keeps skin comfortably dry and less prone to eczema type conditions.

Merino is Super Easy:

Merino is the ultimate easy care fabric. Wool is naturally stain and odour resistant (due to those anti-static and thermo-regulating properties), so needs less washing than other fibres. And to top it off, it's fully machine washable and machine dryable (on low heat!), plus no need for specialised detergents so perfect for busy families.

And as if all that wasn't enough, merino is natural, renewable, sustainably produced from the South Island's high country, and completely biodegradable. What is not to love about a product that offers all that?

No Mulesing:

Mulesing is a controversial procedure that involves the of removing wool-bearing skin around the tail to prevent flystrike (myiasis), a parasitic disease that can be deadly. The scar tissue that grows over the wound does not grow wool, so is less likely to attract the flies that cause flystrike. It's a painful procedure, without anaesthesia, and with high rates of post infection. It is a common practice in some countries, particularly on highly wrinkled Merino sheep. Animal rights groups have deemed it inhumane and unnecessary and we agree 100%.

We guarantee you that our Merino wool is Mulesing-free.

Read on if you're brave...
If you want some real science to back up the above points, head over to the following links. There are a couple of really in depth summaries: read to the end and check out the scientific references for those of you who want to get stuck into the “nitty gritty”

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